Hospira Knowledge Management System

Evolving Learning Management System (LMS)

Hospira division, under Pfizer approached us with a challenge to provide training solutions for their devices. And we created a LMS that evolves in itself - a Knowledge Management System.

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Pfizer ‘s Hospira division, a heavily monitored industry that is scaling quickly – required effective knowledge/ Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) sharing and management across its geographically distributed workforce.


Executing the POC for infusion pump with in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Vis-à-vis, keeping it user friendly to have least learning curve.


First of a kind Interactive LMS system for mobile and desktop was designed through deeply involving ourselves to analyzing information, organizing it and proposing a common approach to information delivery for all stakeholders and use cases. Our team of design researchers Deep dived into the user process and journey with clients team helped us understand the subject and amalgamate the LMS architecture with info visualization. By using micro-content and micro-format techniques we were able to provide user high level of referencing thus better learning.


This system not only promoted easy dissipation of knowledge and SOPs but also created a training framework which evolves with more and more interaction of the users. Constant updates of study material and discussion forums made the LMS relevant and future proof.