process that is rooted in user centered approach.

dedicated to finding the right solution for you.

1. Redefining the brief

We've dealt with briefs as complex as the Rubik's cube. We've debated, fought and sometimes pulled our hair out to find the best possible solutions. Because we believe no problem is bigger than the project and if there is a change in perspective, problems are just potentials in disguise waiting to be unleashed.

2. Research

We dive deep into the set task and scratch the surface to reveal and determine what needs to be done. We research, investigate and argue in our endeavour to build a solid action plan. Basically, it's a battle zone end of which is always victory.

3. Analysis

We engage in a systematic approach to understand the design requirements and list out possible outcomes and consequences of the same. We equip ourselves with industry insights, facts & figures to determine the feasibility of the task at hand.

4. Conceptualize

Once the scope of the project is determined, we formulate various ideas that will best reflect our client's vision. We brainstorm, visualize and take the aid of pen & paper to graphically represent our thoughts. The infant idea is then built upon step by step to make a full-fledged framework to be followed.

5. Design

We leverage on our findings and resources to transform concept into visual depiction that hits the right chord. We design the theme, layout and overall strategy that fit our clients' requirements and visually communicate the idea in the best possible form.

6. Build

This is where we finally implement our design and develop sustainable solutions using advanced engineering and updated technologies. We build tangible outcomes and yield client satisfaction.

7. Test and maintain

We are not the ones to rest on our laurels. We make continuous and further effort to constantly upgrade and adapt a project to future requirements. We do not just hand over a project to never look back but continue to test and maintain the same so that our clients can effectively move on with their business operations.

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Prasurjya Phukan


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Account Manager

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Punit Shah

SEO Expert

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Bhavna Devchoudhury

Content Strategist

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Software Professional

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Software Professional

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HTML Specialist

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UX/UI Specialist