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State Home Department Information Portal

State Home Department Information Portal


A comprehensive information portal made simpler, intuitive and up-to-date for varying target demographics.

To build a singular website for the State Home Ministry and incorporate all the departments in one portal while making it easy to use for common man as well as other relevant entities.


Department of Home Ministry is a heterogeneous entity with several departments forming the umbrella of home ministry. It was important that pertinent information do not get lost in a clutter of wide range of knowledge centers in each department. To identify homogeneity in an entity as heterogeneous as this itself was a challenging feat. Online options of filing FIR for lost documents and other such online features were added to simplify the processes for common man.


Ample research was done to understand user perspective and make the website cohesive to meet their diverse requirements. W3C standard was adhered to and homogenous elements were introduced to tone down the otherwise comprehensive architecture. The website interface was molded according to who was browsing the website to make it more accessible and effective.


The portal has helped in changing the common man’s perception of the police department as the narrative has now been shifted from the voice of media to the voice of the police department itself. The information is now made more accessible straight from the horse’s mouth in the portal. It also played a significant role in helping mobilize citizen task forces.