Activity Based Learning Kits

DIY Kits for US based National Science Curriculum

Teaching of basic scientific concepts and developing analytic skills made fun and engaging with a well designed learning kit.

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Sense Activity Illustration
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Quadrant 4 and Truskills Solutions approached Emotome to design intervention material for Texas and Georgia public schools, supporting their intervention programs aiming at providing engaging and fun yielding activities to teach basic scientific concepts and develop analytical skills.


Because this was intended for kids, every step had to be engaging and stimulating to so that their attention remain intact and alert. The activity based learning unit had instructions on how to experiment with the science concepts using the programming language Scratch


The kit provided relevant information and guided students to explore the science concepts by simulating related actions, rewarding students for recalling information etc. Characters were developed to advance and suit the progressive learning module’s narrative. Focussing on information design guidelines while designing the step by step information, instruction and evaluation modules was key as engaging the audience was the only objective.


The step by step process of using Scratch encouraged students to think analytically and fostered an environment of learning.