Building Digital ‘Reunion’

When Sparks came up with the idea of building an alumni portal, we dived right in and how. Peppered with various features that enabled smooth communication between the members of the portal, we digitized ‘networking’ and accelerated it to a whole new level.


IUSSTF wanted an unconventional alumni portal that not only connected the alumni community but also enabled learned discourses amongst the community, exploration of opportunities. The objective was to create a virtual-seamless network of IUSSTF stakeholders across India and the United States. The portal was named Sparks.


Sparks is a feature rich portal that caters to a huge database. Every little detail like networking, events, groups, announcements and discussion forums demanded acute attention so that the end product emerges as a one stop platform of all networking requirements for the stakeholders.


The strategy was to make the platform easy to use for both internal and external public and enables smooth interaction. A perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics was maintained while developing the portal.


Sparks played a significant role in transcending the geographical barriers to connect and build an academia of scientists, engineers & entrepreneurs. It also helped IUSSTF to re-establish and re-affirm their ties with their valued patrons.